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Cats ate her face!
United Kingdom
... for my favourites currently being full of leg, but I've just discovered I am Undertale trash and have several months to catch up on. :XD:
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Nisroch - Corel/ Drawcrowd character contest entry
Here's my completed entry for Corel and Drawcrowd's character art contest!

It's on the Drawcrowd website at this link:
so please like and share from the entry page to help me get a chance to be featured. :)

Process video:…
Tumblr post:…

"For the contest, I decided to build on a character I'd started writing for my comic, Soulsnatchers.

Nisroch is a reaper in the series. When someone sells their soul to "the devil", reapers are the debt collectors. Originally of Assyrian descent (in fact, descended from the god himself), he currently runs a restaurant in Eastern Europe, where he is stationed.
The food he creates is second to none according to his customers. As for where the ingredients come from? Best not to check the walk-in refrigerator.

What else is he to do with the "evidence" after all?

His tattoos and chef coat are based on old illustrations of the god Nisroch and his origin and background is based partly on the god and partly from his demonology where he was believed to have been the chief of cuisine to the Princes of Hell.

Corel Painter 2012
- 2B Pencil brush
- Wet oily brush
- Real tapered oils
- Tapered flat oils
- Bristle oils
- Fine soft glazing
Final Fantasy: Villains, Heroes and Heroines

Tumblr post -…

All three of my Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Prints - Villains, Heroes and Heroines are now complete and in print!
They're available on Etsy at…
Each print is £5 or you can get the complete set for £12.

The characters in each are:
Villains - Safer Sephiroth (VII), Shadowlord (XI), Wiegraf Folles (Tactics), Nael Van Darnus (XIV), Ardyn Izunia (XV), Cloud of Darkness (III), Vayne Solidor (XII), Ex-Death (V), Ultimecia (VIII), Cid Raynes (XIII), Kefka Palazzo (VI), Trance Kuja (IX), Mateus (II), Seymour Guado (X), Garland (I), Golbez (IV)

Heroes - Warrior of Light (I), Roegadyn character (XIV), Elvaan character (XI), Ramza Beoulve (Tactics), Luneth (III), Zidane Tribal (IX), Tidus (X), Firion (II), Vaan (XII), Cecil Harvey (IV), Noctis Lucis Caelum (XV), Bartz Krauser (V), Snow Villiers (XIII), Locke Cole (VI), Cloud Strife (VII), Squall Leonhart (VIII) and monk, black mage, red mage, warrior, white mage and thief classes (I)

Heroines - Aeris Gainsborough (VII), Mi’qote character (XIV), Refia (III), Maria (II), Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca/ Ashe (XII), Tarutaru character (XI), Lunafreya Nox Fleuret (XV), Lenna Charlotte Tycoon (V), Ovelia (Tactics), Garnet Til Alexandros (IX), Lightning (XIII), Yuna (X), Rinoa Heartilly (VIII), Rydia (IV), Terra Branford (VI) and  thief, white mage, warrior, red mage, black mage and monk classes (I)

For the backgrounds, I chose ones inspired by final battles - the backgrounds for the Safer Sephiroth and Kefka battles and Cloud of Darkness’ Particle Beam.

Happy 30th birthday Final Fantasy! Thank you for all the good times, being one of the first game series I truly loved and for being a massive influence on my work. <3

(some of you will remember that I originally started these for the 25th anniversary, but life happened and then with XV on the way, I started over)


Ryuuza - Commissions 2017
New examples and slightly different prices for 2017.

Hi everyone!
Here's my updated commission sheet for digital and traditional illustrations. I'm looking to make some money to help fund convention appearances and new materials (pens, markers etc.), so if you could please share this, that would be fantastic!

If you're interested, message me here or send an email to

Please read the following!
- Make sure to include the exact details of your request and any references you think I might need.
- If you’d like something that isn’t listed in above, feel free to ask and I’ll see what I can do.
- Likewise, if you’re short on funds, note me with your request and I’ll work something out.
- NSFW commissions are fine and dandy, but ask me first (and absolutely nothing with minors please).
-There may be a waiting list depending on the complexity of the work I’m currently doing. As such, please also let me know when you need the piece by.
- Please allow at least a week for me to complete your piece if there is a specific deadline.
- I will keep you updated at each stage of your piece and post you thumbnails to show you how it’s looking.

- Payment for sketches and black and white work will be half at the start and the other half on completion.
- Payment for full colour work will be half at the start, a quarter before the colouring stage and the final quarter upon completion.
- All payments are to be made through Paypal. I’ll send you my address after you have made your request.

These commissions are for personal, non-profit use ONLY. Please email or note me for commercial use prices and terms.
- You own any non-commercial rights to your commissioned piece, including posting it elsewhere online or printing it for personal use (though please credit me online!).
- I reserve the right to post the piece to my own galleries and use it as part of my portfolio.

If you are unhappy with the work at any stage, please let me know as soon as possible so I can make the necessary changes. Otherwise I may need to charge for the extra time.

You can also find me at the following places if you want to see more examples of my work:

Ryuuza Art on Tumblr

Ryuuza Art on Facebook

Thanks! :D

Northern Lights (new version)

My holiday card for this year! 
It’s a reworking of a much older piece (at least ten years now) from when I first started doing digital art seriously and features an OC from back then, named Mogalle. Here’s the original for comparison:
Northern Lights by ryuuza-art
Hi all!
I’m having a character #commission sale from now until 5th January.
If you’re interested, either message me here or send an email to
Prices are in GBP and for single characters, so please do ask for a quote if you want more than one character or a background. Typically, colour commissions start at £30, which makes a saving of up to 33%. :)

Christmas Sale by ryuuza-art  

There are other examples of these in my gallery.

Also, if you like my work and wish to become a patron, my Patreon account is


1 Minute Sketch
Pencil sketch drawn within one minute.
All characters welcome, OCs included! Make sure you send a note telling me which character you want. :)
2 Minute Sketch
Pencil sketch drawn within two minutes.
All characters welcome, OCs included! Make sure you send a note telling me which character you want. :)

(see the "1 Minute Sketch" commission for examples)
3 Minute Sketch
Pencil sketch drawn within two minutes.
All characters welcome, OCs included! Make sure you send a note telling me which character you want. :)

(see the "1 Minute Sketch" commission for examples)
4 Minute Sketch
Pencil sketch drawn within two minutes.
All characters welcome, OCs included! Make sure you send a note telling me which character you want. :)

(see the "1 Minute Sketch" commission for examples)
Sketch cards
A trading card (2.5 x 3.5 inch) sized sketch - postage included in price.
Black and white character sketch
Black and white, single character sketch (drawing pens and markers). 
Colour character sketch
Colour sketch of a single character using markers and pens.
Digital character drawing
Digitally drawn single character, with or without a simple background.


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